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Exodus Road Hobbies :: Classic Battletech :: Classic BattleTech: Fireball ALM-7D / 8D Variants

Classic BattleTech: Fireball ALM-7D / 8D Variants  
Classic BattleTech: Fireball ALM-7D / 8D Variants 
The Fireball was designed to be a fast response 'Mech. The 'Mech is built around a massive DAV 220 fusion engine. This propels the 'Mech at speeds of up to 183.6 kph, which allows the Fireball to respond to a call from anywhere in the line for immediate support. The high speed of the Fireball comes at a price though, as the 'Mech has armor protection of only four tons which cannot stand up to any degree of enemy fire. Additionally, the 'Mech has only limited weapons because of its light weight and extremely high speed.

Read more about the Fireball at

Inner Sphere
20 tons


SKU IWM 20-440
Quantity in stock No items available
Weight 0.20 lbs
Date Available January 8th, 2009
Price: $6.36

Qty. Out of stock


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